Web 2.0 invades Corporate Computing

December 27, 2006

An article from the Economist details both how universities and corporations are adopting Web 2.0 technologies and also dealing with unauthorized use of those technologies. One example is Arizona State University adopting Gmail accounts through Google Apps for your domain thereby giving students all the innovations which Google will include in the future (and offloading the problem of managing email servers). Browser-based services are going to be used by employees so the IT strategy should be to make them secure, not try to prevent them. Salesforce.com is also cited as a browser based tool which is upsetting the CRM market. “Big companies will probably keep “mission critical” systems in-house.

But as everything else migrates to web-based services, software will increasingly resemble the web technologies of the consumer market.”

The article does not address healthcare where HIPAA looms large and privacy concerns result in more conservative attitudes toward these “consumer technologies.”

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