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Will 2007 be the Year of the PHR?

January 2, 2007

Is the health care industry finally aligning itself to promote Personal Health Records in 2007. While EMRs saw a steep growth curve in 2006 and although adoption of EHRs seems slow, are PHRs of all types ready to take off? PHRs which are connected to EHRs or to claims data appear to be popping up regularly or at least provider and payer organizations and even employer groups are announcing plans to launch or purchase EHR products. And the word is getting out to the consumer community which in many cases is ready to take charge of their own medical records. What is lacking are clear recommendations on which product to choose and how to trust the security on any given product. Once these issues are addressed more actively, adoption of PHRs by consumers which increase this year. My prediction is that 2008 will then be a year when products are sorted out and winners and losers will become apparent.

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