Low Adoption Rate for Payor-based PHRs

January 31, 2007

Forrester research reports that only 7% of consumers have used a PHR offered by their insuror. In a graphic on iHealthbeat about the report, the majority also report that they have not used their insurors website at all. “34% of respondents said they do not trust the security of computer programs and 29% said they do not believe there is a significant benefit to maintaining a PHR.” Forrester recommends that, “Health plan customer experience executives must address members’ privacy and security concerns as well as provide incentives to use well-designed tools to drive adoption.”

Assuring or even convincing consumers about the value and security of PHRs is essential for anyone providing one. Another factor may be that if your insurance company changes, you would lose this PHR. The solution needed to encourage adoption – the ability to integrate personal health data from all sources – providers, insurors, pharmacies, etc.

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