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Medical Wikis – A Review

August 12, 2008

On a seemingly unusual place, Linux Insider, there is a good review of medical wikis. The intro gives a status of medical wikis:

“With the rapid pace of development in medical technology, some doctors have turned to the Web to supplement textbooks and journals and created medical wikis. Naturally, wikis aren’t to be regarded as the final word on any medical topic; rather, they’re facilitators of discussion and starting-off points for more research.”

They review everything from Fluwiki to AskDrWiki with some choice quotes from Kenny Civello, MD, one of the founders of Also cited is WikiSurgery by “a London-based physician who is also the editor of the International Journal of Surgery.” A detailed discussion of the article approve process for this wiki is examined. There is also a previous article on “The Human Genome Goes Wiki.”

Wikis will continue to penetrate medicine and provide a valuable and easily editable tool for collaborative medical knowledge sharing.

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