Cleveland Clinic and Medicine 2.0

September 4, 2008

Here at the Medicine 2.0 Conference, I have been asked how the Cleveland Clinic is using Web 2.0. Some examples are in my slides on But here isĀ  a list with links:

  1. – started by two cardiology fellows, not officially sanctioned
  2. Clinical Case and Images blog – begun by a hospitalist who has moved on from the Clinic
  3. Google Health – Cleveland Clinic was the pilot site and one of the first partners
  4. Walk for Good- a Google Gadget
  5. CEO blog – as an internal communication tool only
  6. Other un-official blogs like mine
  7. Use of Sharepoint for collaboration – it can be debated whether SharePoint is Web 2.0 since it is not open source but it is widely used and encourages collaboration.

I will add more examples from time-to-time.

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