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Google Health – Interview with Missy Krasner

October 2, 2008

In a podcast interview for Modern Healthcare, Missy Krasner discusses Google Health including the early partnership with Cleveland Clinic and others. She emphasizes the value proposition of portability of healthcare information through Google Health. Slow adoption of PHRs she attributes to lack of interoperability and patients/consumers not being at the center of health care provision. Part of Google’s goal by opening up their API is to encourage innovation among small companies to add value. Also, by adding it to Google’s suite of products like email and calendaring, the hope is that Google Health will become part of one’s daily workflow.

My question is: how will we see this happen? Is anyone measuring this, researching adoption, promoting integration. I hope we will begin to see more reports of this in the press and professional Health IT journals. Or how about an offical Google blog just for Google Health?

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