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Health 2.0 Conference Followup

October 27, 2008

Although I did not attend, I have been catching up on blogs and Twitters from the conference last week. The most important comments come from Matthew Holt’s Healthcare Blog. Specifically, these two quotes:

“All of this leads to the underlying tension that Health 2.0 puts squarely on the table. Is the future of health care going to be led by self-organizing groups of patients and their representatives, or will it be dominated by technologically-extended versions of the major health care organizations who are now responsible for care delivery?”

“The question of market viability is of course one all those companies need to face. But in a health care system in which crazy bad behaviors and useless technologies are heavily rewarded every day, is it a bad thing to suggest that we need to change incentives so that tools which have the potential to so greatly improve patient experience are put on a level playing field?  I think not.”

Also, here is a nice summary of the Microsoft HealthVault presentation with some screen shots. Gives a better idea of how their platform works.

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