Predicting Health IT Five Years Out

August 30, 2010

In an article in xConomy Seattle, there is a report from a meeting of the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association, reporting on the future of Health IT. Some key predictions:

  • “As we near 2015, many in the industry predict healthcare will see an integration of social media, cloud computing, and collaborative commons—creating resources that allow consumers to more actively engage with their health through information technology.”
  • “primary care facilities and hospitals are not capitalizing on the existence of electronic resources to provide better care for patients and improve efficiency for healthcare providers”
  • “Healthcare is the last bastion of mom and pop stores,” ?The first step in healthcare is to make everything digital,”  “The next step is to takes what’s digital, and make sense of it—to make some intelligence out of the information you already have.”
  • “Arguably healthcare is a data problem, and we’re trying “Scientists are not thinking of their data as an ingredient to the solution. They’re thinking of it as an ingredient to their next paper,”
  • “researchers will have to amend not only what they do, but how they go about doing it—the emphasis will become less about research and clinical data, and more about how that data is stored, accessed, and used”
  • “models could also use the power of social networks to give patients access to information and resources provided by other patients with similar conditionals—data that could help patients research and decide on a treatment plan, as well as help physicians make recommendations.”
  • “One example would be using personalized data from electronic medical records, combined with data from available studies, to create individualized predictive care models.”

All great ideas held back by cottage industry attitudes and slow adoption of EHRs and PHRs. My only question is, why can’t we have this sooner than 5 years?

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2 Responses to “Predicting Health IT Five Years Out”

  1. Dennis Young says:

    An excellent forecast that demonstrates the collective woes of those who see the art of the possible but are frustrated by the tall hill that has to be climbed. Change is coming but very slowly. There is a perfect storm on the horizon, being brought about by rising consumer demand (yes the patient), skyrocketing costs,shrinking capacity and an ageing boomer market demanding more and more services. The health system that was designed hundreds of years ago needs a life-line! There are bright pockets of hope all around the world including at home and we need to find ways to escalate both change and adoption.

  2. John
    presume your last sentence should read “Why Can’t we have this”??
    Anyway, one thing you have left off your list and deserves your thoughts is “Electronic health records centered on the patient and managed by the patient”.
    There’s a small revolution building around patient-centered IT and for healthcare, it is just beginning.
    Our application, LifetimeHealthDiary, is the first of its kind, we think.
    Want a test drive?
    Rebecca Caroe

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