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Trends from Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector

March 24, 2011

One addition to my post on this book is the final chapter on trends – 20 in all.

  1. Hospitals are no longer buildings
  2. Patient Safety Focus
  3. Information is everywhere
  4. Evidenced-based Management
  5. Healthcare can’t keep up with the rate of scientific discovery
  6. “Not being sick” to “Being Well”
  7. Shortage of Professionals
  8. The information hight gains more and more influence
  9. Concepts such as P2P and Web 2.0 arrive at the health sector
  10. Social entrepreneurs take the lead
  11. Consumer-driven healthcare
  12. Electronic medical records
  13. Cost containment will become more and more critical in healthcare
  14. New actors will appear in the healthcare value chain
  15. Healthcare will become more and more “vertical”
  16. Personalize medicine drives the agenda
  17. Bioinformatics emerge
  18. Bioconnectivity is the next big thing
  19. Electronic signature is everywhere
  20. The triple helix is becoming real – administration, hospitals and universities, venture capital.

Some of these are obvious, others provocative. Are there more to add to the list?

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