The Year 2014 in Review

February 4, 2015

2014 was my first full year with HIMSS in consumer health and full of opportunity.

In January, I went to my first Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It was as massive as I heard, full of large screen TVs, many curved screens, drones, health trackers, etc. I spent most of the time at the Digital Health Summit – a well organized event including patient panels, fitness health device startups, wellness programs, and a demonstration of a exoskeleton. Got to catch up with some friends including Hugo Campos.

At the end of February, I  experienced my first HIMSS conference as staff rather than member. A series of full days in Orlando, most of the time spent managing the new Connected Patient Learning Gallery which was a big success with speakers including Lygeia Ricciardi and Regina Holliday both painting and speaking. Great to spend time with other HIMSS staff and understand what it takes to pull of a successful conference of 36,000 participants.

One of the advantages of working in the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland is that it is attached to the Cleveland Convention Center. As a result, I had the opportunity to attend the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit in May, the Case Management Society of America in June and the Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit in October.

In June, I had the opportunity to speak at the Northern Ohio HIMSS conference on the Value of Patient Engagement. There were several other chapter meetings, chapter leader institute, meaningful use meeting and the Nursing Informatics Institute, all well delivered HIMSS events.

In November, I had a great opportunity to present at the D-Data Exchange and attend the Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit. Although I had been to other events like MedicineX and Health 2.0 which advocate for patients and include patients throughout their programs, Diabetes Mine is a close-knit and strong advocacy group of Type 1 diabetics who know their technology and know policy to make their lives better. See my blog post about this on the Maker Culture in Healthcare.

In December, I returned to the HIMSS mHealth Summit in DC. Great presentations on cutting edge technology with an emphasis on what new ideas work and how they can impact patient outcomes. There was also talk about co-development of new apps and technology with patients. I also enjoyed the international flavor of the conference, especially the African representatives discussing ways to use mHealth to address the Ebola crisis.

I had book chapters published including:

Also, I had 3 publications, two journal articles as coauthor with the Chronic Kidney Disease Registry at Cleveland Clinic.

It was also an active year for blogging:

I continue to teach a online course on Clinical Analytics for Kent State University. Great students and a great opportunity. Looking forward to developing a second level course on analytics in 2015.

In 2015, there will be few posts here but more at HIMSS and LinkedIn. Please follow me there.


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