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American Association of Medical Colleges – Group on Information Resources

July 22, 2010

Next week I am attending a leadership institute of the AAMC in La Jolla, California. This week-long institute is by nomination – a group of 33 of us will attend, many CIOs and other leaders in healthcare IT and library science at academic medical centers. The program is very participatory with small groups making up much of the time as well as some lectures from a diverse faculty. Doing preparation for the institute has provoked thinking about leadership concepts and how to influence change in academic organizations. Although the term innovation is not explicit in the program, it certainly is on my mind as I prepare. One of the readings in preparation is from the book, Medicine and Business: Bridging the Gap by Sheldon Rovin, particularly chapter 3 on Leading Change. Also recommended to me are:

I have to give credit to all those supporting my attendance and interested in the outcome. There is the potential for a major impact on my career and outlook. Looking beyond managing programmers and supporting research projects, there are opportunities to influence the future of medicine. I want to be a part of that.

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