2013 Year in Review

December 31, 2013

It’s been another year of achievement and learning. It would have been difficult a year ago to predict how my professional life would change.

My first trip mixed pleasure and work. Being in Salt Lake City, I agreed to speak to the Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science on some of my work at the Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Clinical and Translational Science Consortium. Bernie LaSalle made the event into a series of presentations by the University of Utah Bioinformatics team which was very informative.

Next it was off to the American Medical Informatics Association Joint Summits in San Francisco in March. Presented two posters:




In May and June, I taught my first online course for the Health Informatics program at Kent State University in Clinical Analytics. Earlier in the year I designed the course and had an experienced group of students who were eager to learn this emerging area of informatics.

Related to Clinical Analytics, I participated in the Clinical and Business Intelligence Data and Analytics Task force of HIMSS,  wrote a blog post on Teaching Clinical Analytics and then did a virtual event for HIMSS in September on “Transforming Care by Improved Decision Making: Deriving Meaning from Big Data.” Presentation is here.

September brought the Midwest Hospital Cloud Forum in Chicago where I presented on a panel: Closing the Loop in Healthcare Analytics – Correlating Clinical and Administrative Systems with Research Efforts to Deliver Clinical Efficiency in Real Time.

In early November, I was in Houston as the keynote speaker for the Texas Gulf Coast Association for Healthcare Quality. I gave two presentations:

I was surprised and please that my Slide Share stats continued to show growth to over 98,000 views including some growth from presentations of 5 years ago. Twitter followers also grew to over 6,000.
The big change of the year was leaving Cleveland Clinic after 32 years. I found a new job posted on Twitter by Mary Griskewicz from HIMSS for Senior Manager, Consumer Health IT, a kind of dream job to focus on consumer/patient IT. As luck would have it, HIMSS had just openned the HIMSS Innovation Center at the Global Center for Health Innovation in downtown Cleveland with an office available for me. Even got to meet the president and some of the VPs of HIMSS at the Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit in October at the Innovation Center. I blogged about joining HIMSS – “Why I came to HIMSS – the opportunity for the connected patient.”
Since joining HIMSS, I have traveled to the Arlington office and to the mHealth Summit in DC. Great meeting on Mobile Health from the the Venture Summit, to the Danish Health Minister to Esther Dyson and other thought leaders on topics like disruption, global health and business models.
Finally, I have three book chapters in the pipeline:
  • Revision on my chapter on eResearch for Health Informatics
  • Chapter on Computing and Information in Wireless Health
  • Chapter on Social Media Hubs for a new book on Social Media in Healthcare published by HIMSS (to be available at the HIMSS conference in February)


What will 2014 bring? Certainly opportunities to enhance national collaboration on consumer health issues especially at the HIMSS14 conference where I will be managing the Connected Patient Learning Gallery. In many ways, patient engagement and the connected patient are no longer concepts but are at the tipping point of real change. Things will look very different a year from now and I plan to play a part in it.

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