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November 25, 2006

On Future HIT, I found a post about trivegence. Trivergence is a new concept defined by Accenture as the meeting of devices, controls and data. They argue that because architecture now supports multiple devices, that the integration of controls and data into devices now enables unique opportunities. While convergence refers to “the unification of voice, data and video on the network level”,  “Trivergence is an architecture that brings a new organization to devices, networks and controls. The conceptual breakthrough is that if a device is on the network, its controls can be located somewhere other than on the device itself. As a result, devices that used to be stand-alone entities are now cogs within a much larger system—a system that enables new user experiences through the interaction of its components.”

What about trivergence in healthcare? Certainly as more devices in clinical settings become connected to networks, the implications can be huge. Perhaps the greatest implications will be in telemedicine.

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