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Wall Street Journal on Social Bookmarking

February 21, 2007

In a rare move, the WSJ posted a free article last week on this topic. It’s a good review of all the major sites – Digg,, and others and their potential business models including being purchased by the big internet portals.

Some choice quotes on the debate about their future:

“Though these sites are undeniably popular, there’s ongoing debate about whether the model of filtering content through voting ultimately will pose a challenge to traditional media. Some say the voting-site approach can more quickly distill what’s important for busy readers.”

“But critics say it’s simply an aggregate of borrowed content and links to a relatively small pool of blogs. And while they sometimes drive traffic to Web sites that are spotlighted, the spike can be temporary. “Influence implies that I can change your mind and they’re not necessarily doing that,” says Duncan Watts, a professor of sociology at Columbia University.”

But the question remains, is even temporary influence in the Internet world a real event? Is the definition of influence shifting in Web 2.0?  What does this mean for healthcare?  As I have said before, social networking and tagging in health care is at the early stages and may sort out in the next 6-12 months.

Also, check out this comment by if:book

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