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Microsoft Health Vault PHR and Search

October 5, 2007

In an announcement today, Microsoft lauched Health Vault, their PHR with a catchy name. They did a few things right: coined a name that represents security, partnered with some major health care institutions and applications to add credibility and launched search at the same time. They are also promoting connection to various devices with the tools, offering device drivers. The plan is to allow data transfers from other web tools and health data from providers, according to the New York Times.

This is an interesting offering worth more exploration. I plan to set up an account soon and try out the features. Some of the search features are similar to MedStory which they acquired earlier but display the top hit article, such as, from the Mayo Clinic as well as search results and sponsored results. Try atrial fibrillation, for instance.

And by the way, they beat Google to this market.

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