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Google Health and More

May 20, 2008

Today in a webcast from the Googleplex, Google Health was opened to the public. All the features are now available to the U.S. at least. I participated in the pilot for the Cleveland Clinic as a participant in MyChart and found it easy to use, to import information and add more specifics. Now I can import my Google Health profile back into MyChart. Pretty cool. Also added the Walk for Good widget to my iGoogle home page. 100 users have signed up already.

This has already hit the tech and mainstream news outlets already with discussions about privacy, questions about Google’s motivation and benefits for consumers.

I think Google is adding some value here. There are making an effort to protect privacy while promoting health. And their partnerships indicate a desire to make this a broad umbrella for addressing health care issues.

I encourage you to try Google Health before making a quick judgement.

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