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Health 2.0 Updates

May 4, 2009

Two recent postings shining more light on Health 2.0. Specifically, a European post on Health 2.0 and Information Therapy, the joint topics for the Boston conference. He notes that both are an “enhance the patient care and the patient provider relationship.”  He wonders about the business case for using something like Mayo Clinic’s Health Manager based on HealthVault.  Currently, there is no indication that there are any such plans but some of the other examples, such as, LiveStrong and ChangeHealthcare, may have a business case for healthcare organizations.
Second is a video of Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody which I am currently reading. I also heard hims speak at HIMSS 2009. The video on Ask Manny Hernedez’s blog gives an update on the book. The complexities of networks and the tools which enable groups to form without hierarchies has interesting implications for healthcare. Healthcare, especially hospitals and nursing with their sometimes rigid structure inherited from the military and academia, is often the antithesis of social media. How will these tools change healthcare? Will healthcare hierarchies disappear? Probably not soon, but these structures will be challenged by social media in the short term.

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