Decision Tree and the Quantified Self

February 15, 2010

The article in Wired on Decision Trees and the new book also by Thomas Goetz has generated a greater interest in┬áparticipatory┬ámedicine and quantifying one’s life and health.

The title of the first chapter says it all: Living by the Numbers – How alot of science and a little self awareness can give you control of your health.

Brian Ahier addresses these issues as well in his post on “Data Not Drugs: Taking Control of Your Health in the Age of Genetics.” While pointing out the host of tools available to manage your health, everything from WolframAlpha to GetUpAndMove, he discusses earlier adopters who will lead the way, knowing not only their genetic risk but also quantifiy their daily health status. He notes that with few blockbuster drugs in the pipeline, perhaps this is the future of healthcare. ┬áCan the quantified self, enabled by health promotional tools which get easier to use each day, have a larger impact on health than the next lipitor?

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