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HIMSS PHR Definition Released

August 17, 2007

This 13 page document attempts to comprehensively lay out what an ePHR can be and should be.  Specifically, it outlines what the ideal PHR would look like. For instance, “The ideal ePHR would receive data from all constituents that participate in the individual’s healthcare; allow patients or proxies to enter their own data (such as journals and diaries); and designate read-only access to the ePHR.”

Other key terms in the definition include, “lay person comprehensible” and “lifelong tool for managing health information”.

It is true that most PHRs can’t begin to make these kinds of promises much less the high premium the document puts on security, confidentiality, and trust, a word rarely used in discussing PHRs but essential in the patient-physician relationship. But I can’t agree more  that to be successful, PHRs must be understandable and highly user friendly. They must be available on the long term because we manage our health on the long term, not by quarters or even years. And our information is currently in various sources and needs to be consolidated in one place we have control over.
The full PDF version is here.

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