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Consumer Health Informatics Conference

August 29, 2007

This Canadian conference in October has some interesting topics. Choice quotes and titles:

  • “opportunities for ICTs [information and communication technologies] not only to empower consumers, but also to re-vitalize their relationship with health professionals and to meet needs that go beyond those that could be addressed through face-to-face interactions.”
  • Using Web Based Tools to Help Patients Achieve Optimal Clinical Outcomes
  • “The greatest opportunities for improving health and health care lie in enabling information exchange between the three dimensions (patient care, population health, and personal health)
    of the national health information infrastructure. The full potential of PHR systems will not be realized until they are capable of widespread exchange of information with EHRs and other sources of personal and other health data.”
  • The Chronic Need for Connectivity: Helping today‚Äôs aging healthcare consumers help themselves

I don’t think I’ll be able to attend, but I hope some podcasts or papers will come out of this meeting which will further the discussion on consumer health from a perspective other than consumer-directed healthcare.

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