Archive for January 3rd, 2008

Web 2.0 comes to the Lab

January 3, 2008 is a newish Web 2.0 venture which sells personal lab testing online. Described as “an innovative approach that dramatically lowered cost and gave consumers direct access to the same health information once only available to doctors”, the site offers lab tests in several categories.  These include: basic, male and female wellness (metabolic and lipid profile among others), weight loss (bariatric panel), and individual tests (DNA and drug tests, for instance). The business model includes agreements with local labs and a zip code search to find them. Finally, there is a PHR to securely store your records of testing.

Overall, a comprehensive solution for direct-to-consumer lab testing. This could be a resource for those with health savings accounts to save some money provided that their doctor does not want a test repeated. The controversy about this kind of testing will continue, especially whether testing should only be ordered by those who can interpret the results. Or is this one of the last hold outs of paternalistic medicine?

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