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Consumerism in Health Care – Future Directions

January 4, 2008

In doing some digging on this topic, I found an article from Health Affairs from 2005 which calls for a new direction.
“Consumerism appeals to the widespread and legitimate desire for a more transparent, flexible, and personal system and provides a salutary counterbalance to the organizational hypertrophy and opaque administrative mechanisms of the managed care era.” The article goes on to recommend marrying the best of supply-side and demand side competition in health care to produce a new model.

“Different consumer-centric benefit designs and provider-centric network designs will be appropriate for different health services, depending on whether utilization is strongly consumer preference–sensitive, provider supply–sensitive, both, or neither.”

“Different forms of organization may offer the best combination of cost, quality, and convenience for different services depending on their clinical and technological characteristics.”

Check out the charts which describe some of these models: Benefit and Network Designs , Alternative Forms Of Provider Organization.

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