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Call for Papers – Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

January 17, 2008

Recently I came across two calls for papers. The first from the Journal of Medical Internet Research for a special issue on Medicine 2.0 with the lofty title, “How social networking and Web 2.0 technologies revolutionize health care, wellness, clinical medicine and biomedical research.”  Some examples they are looking for include:

  • Collaborative Filtering and recommender technologies
  • Consumer empowerment
  • Personal health records and Web 2.0
  • New models of academic / scholarly publishing and peer review, e.g. what is the role of blogs and wikis?
  • New models of e-learning.

Second is a Web 3.0 conference, “ 2008 International Conference on Semantic Web and Web Services.” This is sponsored by a European/International group, HoIP (Healthcare over the Internet Protocol). More about this group in a future post. This conference will include topics such as:

  • Semantic interoperability
  • Machine learning approaches for semantic web
  • Semantic web for e-Business and e-Learning
  • Trust networks on semantic web
  • Database technologies for semantic web
  • Semantic knowledge portals
  • Semantic web mining

Both opportunities reflect the growth interest in Web 2.0 and the Semantic web in health care. Everyone is encouraged to participate – isn’t that what  Web 2-3  are all about?

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