One of the Best Interviews on Consumers and online Health

January 26, 2008

From iHealthbeat, there is an interview on “ Consumer Demand Fueling Online Health Care Market” which is an interview with Val Jones of Revolution Health. It is noted that on their site, the only generation gap is on medical topics but not on the level of interaction or use of tools. This is significant and debunks myths about the older generation’s lower participation in the web.

Also, the Time article by Dr. Haig is cited and his quote that, “the role of the expert is to know what to ignore” contrasted with the consumer who may not know what health information to ignore. How would we go about educating consumers on what to ignore, other than the usual buyer beware from snake oil salesman?

They also note that regarding physician blogs, “Very few medical bloggers write specifically for consumers.”

Retainer medicine (aka, boutique medicine?) is mentioned at the end of the article and the fact that these practices are likely to adopt ehealth tools at a faster rate.

Worth the read.

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