eHealth 2008

January 1, 2008

What does 2008 hold for eHealth? Here is my take on some trends to anticipate

  • Announcement of Google Health – will the much anticipated personal health tool be rolled out?
  • PHR market consolidation – there are more than 100, but adoption is slow. With HL7 standards and a HIMSS position statement, will the market thin out and more robust tools prevails?
  • RHIOs – will continue to struggle with a few exceptions until after the 2008 elections allow some movement on health care reform which will support IHE.
  • Telemedicine and eMonitoring will show increased growth both in rural health and other areas where incentives are made available.
  • Consumer-Directed Health Care and Health Savings Accounts will see gradual growth. Many consumers will  stick with traditional health plans when possible rather than opting  for high-deductible plans
  • Health 2.0 tools and networks will also expand although there will also be some companies which will be acquired or go out of business
  • Consumerism in  health care will  continue to expand  with  consumers demanding more access to information about their health care, providers and outcomes

Looks to be an exciting year. The Year of the Consumer in Health Care.

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