Assessing the impact of eHealth – a European Perspective

October 13, 2006

In an article on the eHealth News blog, the authors cite a report called eHealth Impact, which showed significant return on investment for eHealth projects. The authors interpret this with some caution, however. “During the research, the team discovered that ineffective eHealth services are often caused by poor service implementation. They

therefore analysed the ten evaluated sites to identify lessons to be learned for successful implementation of effective eHealth solutions.” The eHealth Impact project ” focused on the three stages in the lifecycle of eHealth investments – planning and development, implementation, and routine operation. The project team developed a set of tools to collect relevant information on each stage.” They note that it is difficult to create a standardized way of studying economic impact when the eHealth projects are so diverse. A big factor is stakeholders: “The more stakeholders and the earlier they are brought in, the greater the chances of success.”

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