Questons Raised about Employer PHR Initiative

December 12, 2006

In iHealthbeat today, there are questions raised about the security and accuracy of integrating personal health records from different sources. The CEO of Omnimedix, said, “The personal data of the patient is only ever
centralized on the browser, so when the system turns off, it disappears.” “Patients can request that changes be made on incorrect information, but they cannot change or tamper with what is in the health record. However, patients can
choose to exclude certain medical details, such as a prescription or drunken-driving incident, from their PHR.” This raises questions about th accuracy of the data should the patient be brought to an ER and not be able to communicate, one of the key uses of a PHR. So providers want to know more about the Dossia initiative but will need to wait as the project is in its early stages.

Becauseit is largely employer driven, there may be questions about employer access to records which will need to be addressed.

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