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Physician-Driven Google Health

June 28, 2007

Roni Zeiger, MD, of Google, Inc., wrote a significant post a few days ago from a physician’s perspective within Google on where things may be headed. Without using the word empowerment, Roni says, “But better-informed patients recover faster, manage chronic illnesses better and may even avoid some illnesses altogether. And patients should feel in control of their situation.”

Here are some of his thoughts on PHRs: “you should be able to enter as much or as little information as you want — and it’s important that you be allowed to access this kind of information without entering your name, insurance number or other personal information. We also think that if you want to save this information, you should have that choice so you can access it later or share it with your doctor.”

So both access to information and control of your own information is key to empowerment.

Many are questioning Google as a repository for personal health information.  Let’s wait and see what they come up with – sounds like in this case they may be avoiding the advertising base that is more pervasive in their other applications.

Then today, an announcement from Missy Krasner on the Google Advisory Board on health. An interesting mix of national leaders in health care and health IT including Toby Cosgrove, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic, Paul Tang, CMIO of Palo Alto Medical Center (Google’s neighbor), Dean Ornish, Bernadine Healy and the list goes on.

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