Web 2.0 for Doctors

November 9, 2007

In a story from the San Jose Business Journal, start ups for physician social networking are featured. The president of Sermo sees that the over 45 crowd of MDs are the “power users”. No time to meet in the doctor’s lounge, less time for social events but time online to be collegial  is what is suggested. Healthgrades and Medgadget are also mentioned. In trying to emphasize the need for health care to  become more consumer friendly, we  see this quote: “Fotsch of Medem predicts that as phone and video communication merge,

Web-based technology will gradually replace in-person office visits.” Now that may be out of context but there is potential for remote monitoring and exams which has already begun in rural areas. Maybe there is potential for the inner-city single mom as well who may need to take 3 buses with her baby to see a pediatrician.  Innovative models need to serve all.

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