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LinkedIn vs. Facebook

December 4, 2007

While not specifically related to ehealth, I came across several articles on the social networking in business controversy. Two articles from CIO magazine demonstrate this: first is” Why CIOs Should Be On Facebook“. The rationale is the amazing growth and reach in contrast with LinkedIn as just an online resume. He rightly notes the ability to integrate LinkedIn into Faceblook. His final argument, “your future workforce views Facebook as a staple in their daily lives.” Not a compelling case for business value. Meanwhile in “ A Proud Member of the LinkedIn Generation” sees this tool as a way to reconnect with old business associates and develop a powerful network of CIOs, CSO, etc.  I agree that the potential is there but perhaps yet to be realized.

Finally, the most negative article is from a Harvard Business Review blog where Tom Davenport says “ LinkedIn Is Not a Social Network“. He argues that since it is specifically for business it is not a social network and it is only useful in seeking jobs or favors. Granted, LinkedIn lacks the rich functionality or user interface that Facebook has but perhaps it has not reached its full potential because of the lack of tools.  Also, different businesses have a variety of types of human interactions – some are more formal or restricted by regulations or laws (lawyers, government, healthcare) while others are less formal (education, technology esp. developers). So one tool will not fit all. Is the solution somewhere in between – not too formal or informal?

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