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New Clinical Trials Website

February 12, 2008

Once ehealth tool that can be neglected is consumer-friendly clinical trials search. One only needs to know someone with cancer or other life-threatening illness to understand their importance. sets the standard nationally and includes tools for customizing it’s search for a specific Institution.  Stanford Medical Center has just launched a new clinical trials search which includes a keyword search but also helpful tabs Adults by condition, Pediatric or by Department. The result clearly show who is running the trial and whether it is open. One improvement would be to show only open trials or allow the search to be focused by trials for which enrollment is open. Each trial includes the locations and contacts. A helpful disclaimer is at the bottom of each page, “Study Coordinators and Research Nurses cannot give medical advice over the phone.” and then referring patients to a referral line for other problems.

Overall, this is a good model for others to emulate – it looks like they did their home work with focus groups.

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