Washington Post Article on HealthCentral

July 29, 2008

The article in the Washington Post starts out with a nice personal story about a woman with diabetes who found assistance on the site through social networking. The good news is that this is becoming more common – with the number of Health 2.0 sites available and the number of people participating, there may be a tipping point ahead. But there is little news about any negative consequences. Is that because there are none? Or are they just not reported, or buried in some online forum?
At any rate, Healthcentral has some helpful features. What is not clear is how they will distinguish themselves from other popular sites, such as, PatientsLikeMe.com and RevolutionHealth.com. Like Revolution Health, they have content from some reliable sources – Harvard, ADAM, Thompson.

As I have said before, at some point the best business models will survive beyond first or second round funding or at least there will be some buyouts and general consolitation in the Health 2.0 space. Is that one year away or two? Anybody’s guess.

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