Health 2.0 Wiki and People

December 5, 2008

As an outgrowth of the Health 2.0 conference, there is a growing Health 2.0 wiki including some bios of Health 2.0 people. Obviously this listing is not comprehensive but then as an evolving field, Health 2.0 will always have a growing following. It is interesting to compare the definitions of Health 2.0 on this wiki vs. Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia: “A concise definition of Health 2.0 is the participatory healthcare characterized by the ability to rapidly share, classify and summarize individual health information with the goals of improving health care systems, experiences and outcomes via integration of patients and stakeholders.
  • Health 2.0 wiki: “The social-networking revolution is coming to health care, at the same time that new Internet technologies and software programs are making it easier than ever for consumers to find timely, personalized health information online.”
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