Health 2.0 aftermath – An Avalanche of Creative Activity

April 28, 2009

Several articles and blog posts after the Health 2.0 conference and Healthcamp immediately prior in Boston reflect the incubator of innovation which is this space.

  • The public’s belief in scientific uncertainty and the importance of the social health Internet” describing a “health knowledge-dialectic” between providers and consumers
  • Stanley Feld on “Healthcare Is A Team Sport” which is complimentary of Jen McCabe Gorman’s understanding of social networking and content and his belief “that repair of the healthcare system can be partially achieved with effective
    disease specific social networks as an extension of physicians’ care.”
  • This Twitter Thing from Info.Matics about the experience of twittering at a conference as a confirmatory experience.
  • Finally, the response of Google to ePatientDave’s experience with Google Health.

With the related activity on Twitter continuing, more thoughts on the role of Health 2.0 in health care reform will emerge.

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