Linked Data in Health Care

May 15, 2009

In a recent TED video, Tim Berners Lee presented on linked data including in health care and social networks. Te WC3 document he authored on this is here. This is forward thinking and although he did not mention Web 3.0, the implication is that this is the next big thing. Other links about linked data:

In a related story, IBM recently released its Exploratory Stream Processing Systems which “enables efficient extraction of knowledge and information from potentially
enormous volumes and varieties of continuous data streams.”

Here is the linked data video:

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One Response to “Linked Data in Health Care”

  1. colloids says:

    Ted is so right the web is so much more than we ever dream was possible. I believe that how data is presented determines whether or not your data will ever get read. Linked Data would be so helpful, it is unimaginable what could be done with this. Data is relationships.

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