Peter Neupert on Healthcare Reform

June 10, 2009

Peter Neupert of Microsoft writes an article for the the Washington Post titled “Diagnosing and Treating the Health Non-System. ”
He discusses three “diseases”:

  • Access (too many uninsured people)
  • Value (too much spending for the health results delivered)
  • Ignorance (at every level – who really pays for health, misaligned incentives, true costs, quality measures, transparency and more)

He focuses on value and notes that innovation is not occurring in health care “because of the inflexibility in the payment system and misaligned incentive.”  Particularly, innovation regarding the management of chronic disease which accounts for 70%  of medical cost.

There will certainly be alot of discussion on realigning incentives to pay for outcomes rather than volume in the upcoming healthcare reform debates. It is long overdue.

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