Health 1.0, Health 2.0, Health 3.0

July 30, 2009

In Health 1.0, the ePatient would search the Internet the night before a doctors visit for a serious illness and print out hundreds of pages and insist that the physician address each page.

In Health 2.0, the ePatient goes to to social networking sites to research how others made treatment decisions and coped with their illness. They securely email their physicians for second opinions, and checks the ratings of physicians and hospitals online.

In the future Health 3.0, the ePatient obtains their genetic profiles, sets up semantic agents to monitor for new treatments for the conditions their are at risk for and develops micro-communities of others with similar risk profiles. Health messages to manage the risk profile are delivered to a mobile device which also monitors blood pressure, blood sugar and other vital signs.
Question – where is the physician in Health 3.0?

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