Social Media and Search in Health Care

January 12, 2010

Several new stories popped up today:

  • Microsoft’s secret weapon against Google: Health search – although this reviewer sees a some temporary advantage over Google Health search, he notes that even more important is a search within a simple-to-use electronic medical records system for consumers and does not see either as doing a good job of this yet
  • Oncologists Using Twitter to Advance Cancer Knowledge: about physicians using twitter for “Disseminating, correcting, and expanding information in conversation with professional colleagues”
  • Boundary Erosion in Information Technology:¬†¬†John Glaser points out how social media and other consumer-oriented technologies as risk to Healthcare IT but also sees “Boundary erosion is an underlying, unalterable trend in information technology. It will not reverse itself.” He encourages a balance between unbridled enthusiasm and blocking these technologies.
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