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Open Notes Project – Right Thing or Wrong Question

August 18, 2010

The discussion of having doctors notes on one’s care readily available electronically was stimulated by a recent New York Times article titled, Should Patients Read the Doctor’s Notes? Roni Zeiger of Google Health challenges whether this is the right question.  For  e-Patients, it is both the wrong question or obviously the right thing to do. Transparency of medical records, now written into health care reform, is the obvious right thing to do but will take time for physicians to catch up to the idea. Granted that few patients even have access to a PHR tethered to and EMR, but at least those that do should have access to notes in the long run. If patients are to be full participants in their health care and treatment, they should know their doctors observations and treatment plans. As Roni Zeiger says this is one of  “the best ways for the patient to understand and remember the doctor’s guidance.”

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