Social Media in Health Care – Latest Presentation

October 4, 2010

This is more of an introductory presentation I gave at Toledo Hospital for social workers, including information on hospital policies, prescribing social media to patients, and some of the risks of social media. At the end of the presentation, I discussed the dilemma of managing  the professional and personal identities.  Links to website mentioned are on

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3 Responses to “Social Media in Health Care – Latest Presentation”

  1. Jane Showell says:

    My hospital currently has a face book page. They use it to advertise hospital activities and public programs as well as congratulate employees,etc. Patients and staff make comments on the page also,

  2. I saw you gave Facebook as a social media example – have you seen any innovative instances of Facebook being used for hospitals or other healthcare organizations?

  3. Jane Showell says:

    As a BSN student currently enrolled in an “emerging trends in healthcare” course, I found your presentation on social media and healthcare very interesting and informative. It seems that using social media will eventually become a regular part of our lives just as cell phones, computers, and the internet are now. Your point on helping patients to find useful and accurate social media sites is so important. An emerging role of healthcare providers will be to recommend social media and websites that provide reliable information. Another important point is the overlap in social media between professional and private communication. Healthcare facilities will need to address this and institute policies as needed.
    Until seeing your presentation I had not fully realized the impact of social media on healthcare. Social media cannot be viewed as something used just by younger generations or computer savvy people. We need to embrace this way of communicating and use it to improve healthcare and increase our own knowledge.

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