Health Care is Coming Home

October 28, 2010

In the New England Journal Journal of Medicine this week, a perspective article by a Cleveland Clinic physician, promotes the future of home care. Dr. Landers notes five major forces driving healthcare to the home.
1. Aging of the population
2. Epidemics of chronic disease
3. Technological advances
4. Health care consumerism
5. Escalating health care costs

In the conclusion of the article, he notes this as a long term trend perhaps taking decades. My view as a technology optimist, is that the combination of these forces will result in a faster pace of change with high tech home care being an integral part of the medical home.

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2 Responses to “Health Care is Coming Home”

  1. IT in Healthcare has a long way to go from the personalization perspective. That is, in terms of usage of technology to reach out to personal level. Healthcare BPO have an important role to play here. Isnt it?

  2. As net top boxes and personalised information becomes more prevelant, we will see healthcare information being delivered to the family group across all types of media including the television set. This will assist in holistic information provision to supply total health information packages from disease information, to specific health care management tools such as disease specific cooking shows, execise programs and alternative management.
    Prevention is better than a cure!

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