Quality and EHRs – What Works

September 6, 2011

A groundbreaking article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Electronic Health Records and Quality of Diabetes Care, by my colleagues in Cleveland, demonstrates several points:

  • Healthcare quality can be effectively measured using EHR data
  • Quality of diabetes care can be improved through the use of EHRs
  • This can be done on a regional basis, beyond the scope of one hospital or health system
  • EHRs are superior to paper records in improving quality care, demonstrating the Meaningful Use Concept
  • This is true over different insurance types.

More background on the initiative, Better Health Greater Cleveland is available Brian Ahier’s blog and on the BHGC website. It is supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Conclusion: Why shouldn’t this be done more broadly, even nationally. Perhaps through Meaningful Use it will permeate more broadly.

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2 Responses to “Quality and EHRs – What Works”

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