What am I working on? Check my Bookmarks

January 7, 2012

DeliciousI am glad that Delicious is still around and being enhanced. I have used it for years to organize and tag my bookmarks. Now with almost 1200 bookmarks and several hundred tags, I often search my links to find a resource for a presentation or article. Recent links include:

So while links may be low on the priority list in social media with many more dynamic and “sexy” like Twitter and Facebook, Delicious has its place and does allow followers, RSS feeds and other social media features.
So if you are interested in what I am working on, my Delicious  may give you a clue.
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One Response to “What am I working on? Check my Bookmarks”

  1. Hi John,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the value of social bookmarking. I migrated my bookmarks from Delicious to Diigo a couple of years ago when Yahoo announced they were selling Delicious and it was unclear what would happen.

    While I liked Delicious, I find Diigo has a lot of extra features that are quite useful. One of the most useful is the one which automatically bookmarks Tweets you favorite.

    I will check out your bookmarks on Delicious (since I did keep my account open). I have also enjoyed reading your blog bposts on Healthworks Collective.

    Jamie Rauscher

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