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Health Care Unplugged

December 11, 2007

There is an new report by the California Health Care Foundation with this title, Health Care Unplugged: The Evolving Role of Wireless Technology. Specifically, it points out the characteristics of cell phones: personal, ubiquitous, connected, increasingly intelligent. The convergence of cell phone technology with the increase in chronic conditions provides an opportunity or as they state it, “a demographic imperative.” Two categories of applications are noted: monitoring technologies and those that provide information or feedback on health issues. These categories are then matrixed with technology types, such as, implantable, wearable, portable, upstream and downstream communication, and multiple communication types – text, two way, data, multimedia, 2-way video. The report concludes with several predictions including the possibility of moving from episodic care to managing chronic conditions continuously.

Overall the report is worth reading to see the current technologies and to think about future innovation. I would add the capabilities of GPS as a potential technology/data for health care.

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