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Cleveland 2.0 – Avatars and Innovations

March 17, 2007

Today I attended Cleveland 2.0 – a new confederation of business, education, the arts and healthcare to move the “best-kept secret” city to a new level using Web 2.0 innovations. One of the features was a new island in the virtual word, Second Life, representing the city of Cleveland including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic.  This growing phenomenon may just seem like a new toy for the gaming set but companies are investing in becoming the first to set up shop in this world, for instance, Reuters.

The meeting generated hundreds of ideas with planned followups for each topic group. Since the groups have entrepreneurs as well as a social conscience, great things are possible. Unfortunately, health care, such as large force in the city, was under represented. More as this unique phenomenon develops.

If you haven’t watched the “Web 2.0 – the Machine is Us” video on YouTube, do it now.

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