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AHIC Members Disagree over PHR Certification

March 20, 2007

According the Government HealthIT, the American Health Information Community (AHIC) “sided with the majority on its Consumer Empowerment Workgroup and voted unanimously in favor of the certification recommendation.” The group favors “teathered” PHRs – one’s that are populated with information from providers and/or insurance companies which requires standards on data storage and transfer. The dissenters, lead by a Markle Foundation representative, says that the technology is too new for standardization and it could stifle innovation.

My opinion is to agree with the point that the field is relatively new and difficult to standardize, however, we are at a tipping point in terms of adoption and standards, particularly around security, could enhance and speed adoption and the risk of not standardizing is a potential for a security leak which could significantly damage adoption by the general public.  I do not agree that standardization would hurt innovation.

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