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More on Health 2.0 – How the Hairball Got Started

September 27, 2007

Someone early in the conference referred to the healthcare crisis as a hairball. Ethusiastic attendees are determined to find ways to get past the hairball or at least work on the edges. Modern Healthcare reports on this discussion as well as Matthew Holt’s (the conference organizer) statement that “Health 2.0 is just getting beyond the buzzword phase, The
next phase I see coming very rapidly is using tools and technology to connect people with providers.”

Another catch phrase at the conference was data liquidity, according to Neubert of Microsoft, “It’s about how do we connect those source data providers. I think that will be the first form of data liquidity.”

Others talked about how to move beyond content to personalized care.

Neil Versel notes another Matthew Holt perspective: “Holt defined a four-step continuum of health 2.0: user-generated content; users connecting to health care providers; formation of partnerships to reform delivery; and finally, data driving discovery. Most players in this segment are in one of the first two stages.”

And Google’s perspective represented by Missy Krasner: “Consumers are still having trouble sorting through what’s
trustworthy. They need a coach. They need a trusted coach.” Which led to more discussion of trust but in my opinion, not enough.

If Health 2.0 is going to affect the core of healthcare – the patient-provider relationship – trust and enbaling personalized care must be the top priorities.

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