Google Health Presented at HIMSS

February 29, 2008

Eric Schmidt and Roni Zeiger presented Google Health at a keynote session at HIMSS in Orlando this morning.
Key points included:

  • it’s the consumer’s data, the user has control
  • it needs to have ease of use – the user interface must be immediately useful
  • the benefit of consumer interoperability is significant
  • cloud computing will allow the storage of medical records including large files like images, “easy” to accomplish for Google (200 petabytes of xrays per year not a problem)
  • adoption of new consumer products are typically 5% the first year but 80-90% in 10 years
  • developers are invited to create new tools around the platform of Google Health. How about child immunization records, managing the health information and medication for your elderly parent in another state.

With this kind of optimism, could adoption exceed expectations?

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