Hype Cycle for Web 2.0

August 19, 2009

Gartner Research has produced its latest white paper on their hype cycle for Web 2.0 technologies. The technology is moving beyond hype into maturity and real value, even transformational. Specifically they note: “we see a number of potentially transformational technologies that will hit the
mainstream in less than five years, including Web 2.0, cloud computing, Internet
TV, virtual worlds and service-oriented architecture (SOA).”
Surprisingly, they see Twitter  and Microblogging have peaked in the hype and will move toward some disillusionment.  ReadWriteWeb is of the opinion that “Gartner may be underestimating the impact of microblogging.”
They note on cloud computing that the hype from vendors has increased (“Deafening”) which may “cloud” the real potential benefit of this transformation. Social Software Suites are also mentioned: “The movement from point tools to integrated suites has brought broader adoption
but also high expectations” which could lead to disillusionment. I wonder if Google Wave will meet or disappoint these expectations.
Health 2.0 is not mentioned. Will Gartner produce a hype cycle for Health 2.0?

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