IBM Initiative to Improve Healthcare Quality and Costs

August 6, 2010

Recently IBM announced a major initiative to address significant data problems in healthcare. Acknowledging the fact that data is in structured and unstructured format and from various sources, the task of integrating these data points into a individual dashboard format can enable better medical decision making.  One tool to enable this kind of data integration is their text analytics tools LanguageWare™ (LW) and Cognos Content Analyzer (CCA). Both of these were acquisitions by IBM in the past few years and it appears that they are now integrated enough to be used with large data sets in health care.  Analyzing unstructured information can benefit insurance companies as well. The tool looks like it combines natural language search and semantic technologies. The video illustrations the typical international approach of Big Blue.

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2 Responses to “IBM Initiative to Improve Healthcare Quality and Costs”

  1. Elinda Hagan, RN, BSN says:

    Healthcare information continues to contain a multitude of providers and the organization of this combined data is an enormous undertaking. The changes will be so large scale; will the existing staff know how to use it? I believe this data must be maintained in a better way and I look forward to the future of IT in healthcare. I just hope we are ready for it, universally.

  2. Ratika says:

    Data Integration is the key requirement for healthcare apps. Big Blue’s such acquisition would help improve the healthcare analytics sector to make apt decisions quickly. The concern however is to see the implementation of the same soon by healthcare organizations.

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